Introducing MettleWood®

A breakthrough in material innovation
MettleWood® addresses some of the world's most intractable environmental challenges, most notably in the built environment.

The process to create MettleWood® is a
technological breakthrough:


20x stronger than wood

The cellulose structure of MettleWood® gives it 5-10x the stiffness of regular wood as well as natural resistance to fire, moisture, and termites.


80% lighter than steel

MettleWood® offers an incredible strength-to-weight ratio with 50% less density than even lighter-weight metals like aluminum.


~50% less expensive than steel

MettleWood® is made from fast-growing wood species – an abundant and renewable resource that can be sourced sustainably and inexpensively.

wood rendering

Suitable for many applications

city illustration

Wood is the future

InventWood is a leader in cellulose-based material innovations. Our current portfolio represents just the beginning of what’s possible.