About Us

Since our founding in 2016 by Professor Liangbing Hu of the University of Maryland, InventWood® has pursued a singular goal of transforming the materials that the world uses every day. The company continues to grow with increasing interest from organizations and individuals around the world.


Allan Bradshaw

Chief Manufacturing Officer
Jiaqi Dai Portrait

Jiaqi Dai, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer

Kishore Ramakrishnan, Ph.D.

Materials Scientist
Liza Pikus Portrait

Liza Pikus, MBA

Executive Vice President, Operations
Amy Gong Portrait

Amy Gong, Ph.D.

Chief Science Officer
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Josh Cable, CFA

Chief Executive Officer
Professor Liangbing Hu, Clark School of Engineering, University of Maryland

Alan P. Santos photography

Liangbing Hu, Ph.D.

Soo-Hwan Jang Portrait

Soo-Hwan Jang, MSc

Materials Engineer

Let our breakthroughs fuel your next product

InventWood aims to be the leader in cellulose-based technologies. Our current portfolio represents just the beginning of what is possible, including insulating wood and transparent wood.