Insulating Wood

Supple yet strong, solid yet forgiving, insulating wood harnesses the best of nature to protect against heat loss as well as forceful impacts.


True to its name, insulating wood beats many alternatives in thermal insulation properties, sometimes by a large margin.

Incredibly Impact Absorbent

Insulating wood is not only a great thermal insulator, it also insulates against sudden shocks or force.


Customizable & Cost-Efficient

Insulating wood can be shaped to meet your needs and may be less expensive over time compared with alternatives.

Sustainable & Biodegradable

Insulating wood is grown responsibly, and it avoids the disposal challenges that exist with other materials.


Insulating Wood
Material Background

Insulating Wood

Another outcome of InventWood's patented material discoveries, insulating wood lightens and softens considerably through its creation process. The result is one of the best natural insulation materials ever made.

As a result, insulating wood has many potential uses from commercial building insulation to packaging and beyond.