An Expansive Portfolio Of Unparalleled Innovation

InventWood® is a leader in innovating cellulosic materials. Our current portfolio is just the beginning.


Focused Technologies

Breakthrough materials that redefine the limits of wood


In-Pipeline Innovations

Extensive IP portfolio from world-renowned researchers


Unlimited Potential

Limitless applications made from the next generation of natural materials

Microscope in Laboratory
Mettlewood Sample

Incredible strength and toughness

Perhaps the strongest and toughest material to ever grow on trees, MettleWood provides a light-weight solution even in the most demanding of environments.

Insulating Wood

Nature’s best protection

Supple yet strong, solid yet forgiving, insulating wood harnesses the best of nature to protect against heat loss and physical impact.

Transparent Wood

Clarity is just the beginning

Clear, insulative, and robust, our transparent wood offers numerous benefits over alternatives – and expands the realm of what’s possible.